Thursday, February 04, 2016

FASSA's Students/Lecturers Colloquium; How It Went Down

Mr Damola; the Anchor

The first FASSA Students/Lecturers colloquium of the new session was held on Tuesday February 2nd 2016 at the Faculty of Social Sciences lobby.

After the introduction of dignitaries which included lecturers from all four departments in the faculty and the acting Dean of the faculty, Dr. Omitola, the opening prayer was done by Dr. Lawal, the H.O.D. of Sociology Department.

The acting Dean started with a welcome address reiterating the position of Osun State University as a University to reckon with in Nigeria. He announced the school as the second best state university in the country and the 28th best when all other universities are included.

students paying rapt attention

After the welcome address, the Chief Security Officer of the Campus then encouraged students to be security conscious and to learn to give information on any case of criminality around campus so adequate punishment can be meted out to prospective deviants.
He went on to advice students to adhere to school rules and regulations and also not to form the habit of staying out late.

After the admonition of the CSO, the Faculty Officer read out the school's code of conduct for all student after which the question and answer session began.
The Faculty Officer reads out the code of conduct

Most of the questions were centered around students having problems with course registration and missing scripts.

A student asked about the state of the school hostel in which the acting Dean answered that work is on-going for the hostel to be back functioning under the management of the school.
The issue of the school's WIFI came up as well and again the Dean promised that students will soon have access to it.

Dr. Yakubu addressing a question from a student

Dr Lawal, H.O.D of Sociology cracked the students up with the reply he gave to the students asking for Departmental uniform for Sociology, he said in summary that such students transfer can be helped facilitated by the lecturers and the acting dean to other departments that have such uniform rules. Haha.

Dr. Ogunleye of Economics department answered a question regarding exams grade by reiterating that F is the only grade that requires a student to resit for an exam. He admonished students to be studious and start preparing for exams which starts in 3 weeks.

The colloquium ended with a closing prayer by Dr. Yakubu of Geography Department.

the closing prayer

students at the colloquium

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