Sunday, January 24, 2016


The much anticipated UNIOSUN Fashion Show has come and gone but the question is, Did it live up to expectations? Well, the answer to that depends on what you were expecting from the show.

Apart from the fact that the event didn’t start at the speculated time-I mean, nobody was expecting it to-other things went well. Bleech reports was ready and live on the red carpet which started around 10:00 pm and went on for almost 2 hours before the show started proper. 

Some pictures from the red carpet:

Ife on the red carpet
they won the Best Clique award

Tayo with K.O.D. on the red carpet

MC Maximum and MC Chichi were the anchors of the night and trust me, they didn’t disappoint one bit especially Mc Maximum who was lively all night with some really interesting and creative jokes, one can say he’s truly a professional at being an MC. This is where I give my first kudos to the organizers of the show; they did a very vital thing by entrusting the show in the hands of a competent MC, something very rare in Okuku events. You know that’s true.

There were a lot of performances on the night from various artistes, and one which is worthy of mentioning is K.O.D. who totally killed the show with his well thought-out rhythmic rap lyrics; someone who sat with me compared his style to Kendrick Lamar. Haha

The runway which displayed various creative styles of fashion was the height of the night for me. Once again, kudos to the organizers of the event for bringing such to the school, from the various styles to the runway models who modeled them, it was a pretty scene to see. It was evident that a lot of preparation was put in place to make it happen. Videos from the runway will be available for download tomorrow.

The award presentation went well and one award category which caused a bit of controversy was the BLOGGER of The Year award which was given to Adejuwon Olaide of STREET77.COM, students of Ejigbo campus had a representative in the category and they felt they were cheated when the winner was announced and despite the explanation that AMA gave on how the winner emerged, the students of Ejigbo campus all filed out angrily after the award was presented to STREET77. 

Damilola Quadri from Ifetedo Campus won Face Of Uniosun. The award presentation was capped up with an award given to AMA VISION GROUP which I think they deserve, they are setting a precedent in the school, and trust me others will see this, love it and copy it.
Damilola Quadri (Face of Uniosun)
...Damilola with friends from Ifetedo campus

 On the menu front, the show didn’t disappoint too, there was food and snacks, drinks were on all tables. A regular ticket was #1000 don’t forget.

All in all, from the writers point of view, the show was a success, the mere fact that something of such nature is being done in Uniosun for the first time is something to be happy about. One final kudos to the organizers and we hope more of it will happen in the nearest future. 

Don't forget, videos from the runway will be available for download tomorrow.
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