Saturday, December 19, 2015


As part of their new revolutionary outlook, UNION Bank are going the extra mile to reach out to new and young customers in Nigeria and they have taken the initiative as the first bank to create another ATM Machine point around the campus premises after WEMA BANK. The construction of the machine had been on for a while and the good news is that it was lunched yesterday (Friday). 

Though withdrawal was impossible yesterday at the ATM because of a few technical issues, but speaking to one of the staffs at the facility, he assured that final work will be done on it by the weekend and by Monday, 21st December, the machine will be in full swing.

 It is a welcome development to students after years of frustration by the old machines being used by Wema Bank. This will at least create a little bit of rivalry and maybe somebody will sit up. The Union Bank ATM Machine is located at the Micro-Finance Bank just beside Wema Bank at the Town Hall.

Somebody is taking a piss at WEMA BANK at the moment, so watch out for a post from him later today. Enjoy your weekend and If you are traveling, travel safe.
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