Sunday, December 06, 2015

MBGUniosun 2015: Feyikemi needs your votes.

 Hello there, the weekend is almost gone already and Monday is knocking at the door again, and some students will have to do the 7am class again, mehn I dread that thing, I can’t imagine having a 7am class with this weather, so thumbs up to students that go through that.

By now you should know that the MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN UNIOSUN (MBGU2015) Pageant is happening on the 12th of December, which is this coming Saturday. There are a number of contestants from different campuses, other campuses have multiple candidates but here in Okuku we have just one contestant representing the campus and this is because most students weren’t aware of the pageant on time, so it was a last minute thing.

 Alright so we have one contestant but who says we can’t still win it? Who says we can’t show other campuses that we’ve got the back of our single candidate? Yes we can and we will. As at the writing of this post, our representative is far behind in votes with 161 likes, but we can show them that Okuku campus ‘no dey carry last’, we can help Feyikemi skyrocket her votes to over 1500 within the coming days. 

So articulate UNIOSUN Okuku campus students, kindly switch to Instagram now, search for @MBG_UNIOSUN and carefully scroll down to this particular picture below and hit like. That’s all.

So stand up Okuku and give your girl the support, she needs your votes!
Let’s give our total support to Feyikemi Akinwande our only candidate and make ourselves and Okuku campus proud.

 Once again all you have to do is search @MBG_UNIOSUN on instagram, scroll down to the above pic and hit like. Y'all got Instagram and it will only take few minutes.

 Feyikemi Akinwande is a 200Level student of Accounting and she says she needs your support as the only contestant from Okuku.

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