Saturday, December 19, 2015



The Redeemed church of God, Okuku branch held their Christmas carol service on Thursday at the church Auditorium. The population at the service was impressive, the service itself was interesting by some standard though there were a few lapses in the program, for instance, there must have been a mistake in the typing of the carol hymn as it created some confusion among the choir and the congregation. Apart from that, the service was interesting, eh even get one girl wey just dey sing like Angel. Oh my. ......The Drama ministration was also cool, real cool.

            What ‘ruined’ the Christmas carol was that, toward the end of the program some students started throwing knockouts in the church auditorium, like seriously who does that!!!! It is so uncalled for and disrespectful to the church and God himself.

            But on another end, the Knockout scenario was interesting…(*rolling eyes*). Students ran out of the church, even those girls wey dey form ‘Big girl’ sef pick race, eh even get one girl wey kon hug me on top say she dey fear, haha good times!!. In a nut shell, the Knockout was disturbing and at the same time also interesting. So if you were not there I think you have missed something.

Reported by; SANDA KUNMILADE (Bleech Crew)

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