Tuesday, December 22, 2015


            There are a lot of reasons why we are tired of WEMA Bank Okuku branch, FYI: WEMA bank is the only bank in OKUKU town, Wema Bank is one of the biggest banks in Nigeria but their branch on Okuku in nothing to write home about. The reasons are as follows;

1. OLD ATM MODELS: The type of ATM machine that is used by the bank is as old as the history of ATM machine itself. The model of ATM they use is a WINCOR NIXDORF ATM running WINDOWS 2000!!!!!!! I mean like seriously no laptop even uses such windows again. Today the vast majority of ATMs worldwide uses a Microsoft Windows operating system, primarily Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Embedded, only few banks in the WORLD still run older version of Windows OS such as Windows CE or Windows 2000, which is where we find our own Wema Bank, Okuku. So please would you people do the world some good and change those old ATMs?

2. TWO ATM MACHINES: WEMA Bank Okuku has just two ATM machines, yeah just two OLD machines!!!, Still if those ATMs are old, the least you can do is make them many so that students and citizens can make good use of the ATM, imagine how bank wey big like WEMA go get just two useless ATM, the least ATM machine that a bank in a school community should have should not be less than 4!!

3. THE FRIDAY DEADLINE: ‘The Friday deadline’ is that if you don't withdraw on Friday, am sorry don't bother coming on the weekend, because "you don jonz be that o!!!!", the ATM machines are most likely not to work on weekends because people would have withdrawn all the money ‘patapata’, and since banks don't operate on weekends, the rest na Monday. Only if you are lucky one of the staffs refills the ATM, which will need long series of Prayers and Fasting…smh.

4. ONE STAFF: WEMA bank OKUKU has just one Staff on the counter attending to customers, they don't care if the queue is so long, the aunty in charge go just sidon they feel herself, she no go even fast, and she fit they look you with one kind bad eye, on top my money??!!! Na wa o!

5. ATM CARD COMPATIBILITY: Another reason why we are tired WEMA Okuku is that in some cases their OLD ATM MACHINE will not work with other banks. In some cases when you are in need of urgent money, you would find out that the ATM machine does not work for your bank. So you have to go to Inisa.

Well, here are just 5 reasons why I think WEMA Bank Okuku 'sucks', you can add more reasons in the comment section or our facebook page:

Written by; SANDA KUNMILADE (Bleech Crew)
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