Sunday, December 13, 2015


Hi, have you ever been to a party and you wished you never attended the party at all? Attending a party with real vibe and 'ginger' is a rare experience these days in Okuku and that's why we thought of writing something on why our parties 'Suck'. Here are 5 reasons;

     1.     Disruptions:
I've heard some folks talk of how they left a party without the second leg of their shoe, or how they got slapped at a party for doing absolutely nothing. Well these things are common to parties but fighting and violence is so rampant in Okuku parties and that’s why most people will prefer to stay in their hostels rather than go to parties especially night parties. You know when you don’t have enough people at your party, it will SUCK.

     2.     Awareness:
People organize parties but without proper publicity, many times you hear that a party is happening just few hours to the start and you’re like oh really? Little time to prepare means you’re not going. We are in a school community, you need to create proper vibe and publicity for your party, you need to make people believe that your party will make sense and the turn up will surprise you. Nobody wants to be at a party where there’s nobody. When there are enough people at your party, chances of it flopping are reduced but not totally out.

     3.     Participation:
Have you seen people that come to parties and refuse to participate in any activity at all, they don’t even dance, they don’t mingle, all they do is stay glued to their phones and be the first to leave once its 3;30am. Some girls will just sit down, guys would have to beg them to dance, common you are an adult for Pete’s sake!!!!, I mean, what’s the essence of denying yourself the comfort of your bed if all you do at a party is sit down all through? If you’re not going to be part of the show, then don’t show up at all.

     4.     Party Programs:
Parties suck in Okuku because of the kind of activities or programs that are on show at the party. The kind of programs or activities that make up your party matters a lot, you don’t expect university students to sit in a circular formation and start doing ‘Devil’s Basket’, oh wait, you can do the whole ‘Truth or Dare’ thing but in a better way. Most of the MCs at these parties are usually boring and less creative. Get a competent MC and if you’re going to be having a comedian around, don’t get the one that’ll make people doze off.
If it’s a dinner event, you need a more competent MC a funny and creative one at that; seriously they are there if you find them. Programs at our dinners are very boring; get entertainers, real dancers not indigenes that play with fire on their body and call it entertainment; it is not a festival, get singers or rappers to entertain people. Plan the program in a way that will keep everyone involved. Be fast with the awards and do your biddings on time. I was at a dinner sometime last session and the Award for Most Social was given 4 times to 4 different people. Funny isn’t it? That’s not cool.
Bottom line, get a very good program schedule and people will talk about your party.

     5.     Planning:
My last point here which kinds of encapsulates every other point is planning. You go to some parties and what you see from the very start is lack of proper planning. People are just sited waiting for something to begin, they get tired and some will leave even before the party has started.
The truth is you can have a successful party even on a low budget if you plan well. Planning well will get you proper awareness/publicity, good programs and enough people and that’s it.

Well, this is our opinion and point of view. You have more idea on why parties flop in okuku? Feel free to add more reasons in the comment section or on our facebook page

Thanks for reading, more posts coming up later tonight.

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