Saturday, November 28, 2015


Hello there how was Black Friday? Were you able to do some shopping?, Who was at the five days market yesterday, was there a Black Friday discount on sales? Haha. It’s the weekend, a very boring one at that, boring for different reasons, there are different rumors as to the reason why there’s no light, we heard that someone decided to be James Bond and beat up a ‘NEPA’ staff, really? there’s also this one that the light is faulty from Offa which is still believable and seriously if it’s that, I don’t understand why the fault hasn’t been cleared yet, the fact that there’s no power makes things a lot more stressful, Okuku is a boooooooooring place, its more freaking boring now.

In the news is the rumor that the school is trying to introduce Mid-Semester exams in which students must have paid at least half of their school fees before they can be allowed to write. ’Mid-Semester exams!!’ really?, kinda reminds me of mid-term test of secondary school. I really don’t see the need for it and I hope it’s just a rumor.  More info on this will be on the blog as soon as we get them.

There’s an update on the story of the girl that found a snake in her toilet, she reported that the care-taker of the hostel was informed; an inspection was carried out, It was then discovered that the snake was hiding in a hole in the toilet, the hole was sprayed, the snake came out and it was killed, the hole has since been covered up. So the snake didn’t disappear after all. According to the girl, she’s still considering whether to return to her room, I really don’t blame her, it was a scary experience and snakes are one of the creepiest creatures crawling the earth. If you’ve got bushes around your hostel, make sure to cut them down every now and thenhere.
, you don’t want crawling things visiting your rooms. If you haven’t read the snake story, click

Away from that, the awareness culture in the school is on a low, there are a lot of things going on in campus and other sister campuses that most students don’t know about. Take for example, the MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN UNIOSUN Pageant, voting is on at the moment and the winner will be announced on the 12th of next month, most students confirmed that they were unaware of the pageant when the audition was in progress. Bleech is bent on changing this, if you know of anything going on in campus and even outside Okuku, if you feel the students should know about it, feel free to contact Bleech. Email us, you can call Bleech on 08168214939 for direct inquiry. For info on how to vote for the Most Beautiful Girl in UNIOSUN, you can see here. 

Are you interested in being part of the Bleech crew? Do you have a thing for journalism? Are you creative in writing and blogging? You can sign up for screening by calling this number; 08131501788. Please note that this is exclusive only to 300, 200 and 100 level students of UNIOSUN.

Well, brief post today and let’s hope the light comes back on soon. Wait, you remember when Okuku people will tell you there’s no light because the cables are wet and they are drying them up? Oh Lord we’ve heard things! Try to have fun and enjoy the rest of the weekend lovelies. Xoxo.
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