Tuesday, November 24, 2015


 Few days ago, we got a mail from someone who is a student of Uniosun, okuku campus narrating a story of how she found a big snake in her toilet which then disappeared while she called for help. She’ll like to be anonymous so her name won’t be published. She’s a 300L student. The content of the mail narrates the whole story which she wants us to share on here.


ON Friday, 20th November 2015, I was in my hostel room almost all through the day. It’s a normal thing for me to use the toilet when I wake in the morning, which I did on that day too.  My day was going by normally until around evening, 4; 45 to be precise. I was pressed and needed to visit the toilet, apart from using the toilet in the morning, I had used it again at noon while taking my bath as my toilet and bathroom are together, so this made me sure there couldn’t have been a strange ‘thing’ in my toilet as at then. My toilet is a little spacious and there are no hide-outs for anything at all. I like to take my phone to the toilet but this time it was charging and didn’t want to stop it, so I went in there without my phone, but to my surprise while I was doing the ‘thing’ on the toilet bowl (I hope you get what I mean), my eyes strayed to the corner of my toilet just a little behind the WC and what I saw made my heart stop for a moment. I saw a snake. OH MY GOD, A big snake! I screamed and flew out of the toilet, I wasn’t cleaned up yet but damn, I wore my shorts like that in the biggest hurry ever.  At that moment, I was shaking real bad. My next door neighbor probably heard me scream and was already at my door, I was dashing out too when I told her “snake! Snake! snake!”, at first she was scared but then she wanted to see for herself and thank God she decided to, she went in, pushed the toilet door and behold the big green something was curled right there in the corner, she screamed ‘OH MY GOD, how did it get there?’ like I had any idea. We then both ran back to her room, I used her toilet to clean up and we decided to go call some guys from the other hostel as there were no guys around in my hostel at that time. I was still shaking and scared, I was thinking ‘how did that thing get there?’, we told the guys at the other hostel and the first question the tall one asked was, ‘how big is it’, I told him ‘very big oo’, the look on his face suggested he was scared already, you can’t blame him, they were apparently playing game prior to our arrival and we just brought a deadly task for them. He looked at the face of his friends and one said ‘let’s go!’ two of them carried sticks and one was with a big stone, my friend also found a stone, I followed them. When we got to my room I couldn’t enter, I was scared, I pointed at the toilet to them, at first the guys were also scared of going in but they gradually and slowly moved in and they got to the door of the toilet, they opened it slowly, one had a pip, he scanned through the toilet and said he couldn’t find anything. My heart skipped a bit, I thought the snake could have found its way to my room, maybe its hiding in a new place, but then I remembered even while I was running out I closed the door and my friend did too after she checked, the snake couldn’t have left the toilet. The other guys entered the toilet and searched well, they didn’t find a thing, we then decided to search the whole room, we brought out all my stuffs and searched well, but we didn’t see it. I was confused, tired and angry, the guys really tried, they might even be thinking I wasn’t sure of what I saw, but my friend saw it too, look it was broad day light, there was light, and I saw a big green snake in my toilet, my friend did too. I still think that snake is somewhere in my room, my friend is saying it is a ‘spiritual something’ and that the snake disappeared. AHH I’m still very scared. We are both sure of what we saw but I don’t want to believe it disappeared, what does that even mean.  I’m still in shock and I’ve been in my friend’s room since then I can’t even go pick a cloth from my box, maybe I won’t stay in that room again.

That’s my story.
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