Friday, November 20, 2015

Bleech is here baby!!! 🙌 🙌 🙌

Hi there, a very good afternoon to you. Weather is quite nicer today, maybe we wont be 'enjoying' the harmattan that much this year. Some people really don't like the harmattan breeze, but i kinda find it cool. who cares anyways, but look, its a new session, new semester, new level and a new life for most freshers and guess what, its a new BLEECH!!.

This is Bleech's first related blog post and its a big deal for us. We've always wanted to make the blog happen but itches here and there delayed it but finally we are here now👏👏.

Little piece of advice fellas, bookmark this site and make sure to visit everyday as we will bring you info and all kinds of news within campus and UNIOSUN. Watch out for different columns from our team of reporters on different topics too. Trust me you're going to have fun here.
You can send us info, gist, gossips on our email;  For advert placements and other inquiries, you can call; 08168214939, 08131501788.

 So in other news, its 'goodbye, we shall meet some other time' to our friends from Ipetu who have gone back to their campus after the school board finally made its decision. So we know it means Ipetu campus' students wont be coming down to Okuku for a 2 year stay anymore. I'm sure they'll miss beautiful and fun-filled Okuku, i mean who wouldn't miss Okuku? just take a moment and think of the fun in this town, is it the beautiful indi
genes and their nice accent 😂, frequent concerts and music festivals, lots of cool spots and joints...come on, Ipetu cant be like here.

Anyways, School is back and students are trooping in like 'kilode', just goan stay at the bus stop you'll see for yourself. Some what I'll call 'very serious' departments have started lectures, while of course some have not. If you're still at home, you might as well chill till January before resuming.

And before I go, have any of you seen the new 100 level students?, are you sure those guys finished secondary school program?...issokai.
Thanks for the time. More chit chat tomorrow.
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