Wednesday, September 16, 2015

D'banj – Knocking On My Door (Ko Le Ye Won) Making Waves.

Banga Lee is back with what I can confidently call a JAM!!! Knocking On My Door (Ko Le Ye Won) by D'Banj is no doubt a hit. However some of his fans feels that this epic musical video is a joke compared to his past hit. This picture was abstracted from the musical video, an as you can see he was challenged by a neighbor a.k.a De Rock Lee who felt they were making a lot of noise. D'banj speaking here, "I am D'banj, Oski Banj from Africa, i just came in, i just move in, its my house, this my house, we are having an open house party, are u D'Rock?  You Look like D'Rock my brother, D'Rock in the building, Si' Rock in the building, please join my party, join my neighbour...eyin boys D'Rock nii neighbor waa ooo.
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