Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I have more than 40 wristwatches –Kcee

KceeKingsley Okonkwo, popularly known as Kcee, has been all over with his hit single, Limpopo. Well known for this flamboyant style, he was recently reported to have given a fan a wristwatch worth N450,000. In this interview with Senior Reporter, Ifeoma 
Ononye, he speaks about his style, which has kept a good number of his fans glued to him for many years.
Your single ‘Limpopo’ has been topping music chats for a while. How does that make you feel?
I thank God. It makes me feel happy. I have been working for so long and this one hit it. Like you rightly said, ‘Limpopo’ has gone past other songs I have done. I am glad that people appreciate the fact that I am doing a good work. ‘Okpekete’ was in the club, ‘Nack Me’ was in the club, all my singles have been in the club but ‘Limpopo’ is actually exceptional. The love for it is just too much. The story about me now is big and different. Most people never expected it. A lot of people who thought they had forgotten Kcee are beginning to hear of him now on a whole new level.

How come your songs have weird titles like’Okpekete’, ‘Limpopo’, ‘Nack Me’ and so on?
It’s just my style. That is the way God has made me. I think a lot on how to make my song different. It’s just my own way.
Back then when you and Presh were together as KC Presh, one of the things that kept you guys in the face of your fans was your style. You were amongst the few men that showed up at events in pink and purple coloured pants. What were the reasons you dressed that way?
For me, when you talk about style, fashion, it is something that is in-built. Style is in me. I like style generally such as cars, building, clothes and food. I like everything around me to be stylish. Most things about me are stylish. I always want to be different when it comes to style and that goes for my songs too. I used to paint when I was in school. I’ve always known how to pull off colours because I know how to put them in paintings.

Right now a lot of men wear colours that were mostly seen amongst women. But, back then, did you ever feel awkward wearing those colours?
Not at all. As long as it looks good on me, I am okay. First of all, I have my mirror. My mirror does not lie to me. I do look at myself in the mirror. Sometimes, you need to be different. And in those days when I wore those colours, some people didn’t like it while some did. So it’s about choice. But for me, as long as I am looking g

ood in it, I am off.
You said everything about you must be stylish, including your cars; does that mean you can’t drive an old Volkswagen?
I won’t be comfortable if an old model like that is not pimped. My ride has to be classic.

So you like flashy cars?
Let’s say stylish. I can drive an old 504 Peugeot but it has to be pimped. It has to have its own style. Even if I am going to drive a normal Range Rover, there should be something different about it.

Like what?
I will change the tires and sound system.

Tell us about your wristwatches and blings. Are they things you like or you just wear them because you are a music star?
They are all part of my style. Right from when I was in secondary school, I have always been a very neat boy. I still have some of those pictures. I loved ironing my clothes at all time. Even when my dry cleaner brings them, I still want to straighten them out. I am very particular about what I wear and how I look.

Did you have the piercings back then too?
No, the piercing was after I won StarQuest in 2002. I just needed to pimp myself up. That was how I felt then.

Tell us about how expensive things should be before they get your attention
For those that really know me, they know I don’t like talking figures. Some of my items are affordable. There are some people that cannot buy what I can buy. There are things Aliko Dangote can buy that I cannot buy. It doesn’t have to be excessively expensive. I mean, how expensive does not really determine if I would buy such thing. It has to be of good quality, nice and fit my style before buying it and not because of the price tag on it.

Amongst everything that you are putting on, what will you give up that will affect you the most?
Nothing in particular will affect me because everything is material to me. But one thing that I know that if I remember, would hurt me because of how much I bought it, will be my wristwatches. I don’t joke with my wristwatches. My wristwatches are very dear to me. Almost all my wristwatches are very expensive.

How many are they?
I cannot count how many wristwatches I have. I have more than 40 wristwatches. I give out to people sometimes. I sow my wristwatches as seed into people’s life once in a while.

Recently it was said you gave out a wristwatch worth N450,000 to a fan at a show. Is that true?
Yes that is true. I didn’t tell how much I bought the wristwatch. Guess, they know about the brand and what it was worth. I can never give out figures.
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