Monday, November 18, 2013

George Weah inducted into Foothball Hall of Fame
Football Legend And Liberia's peace ambassador George Weah has been inducted into Football Hall of Fame, which is globally known as the world's most venerated honor for any individual whose artistry skills or ingenuity remain a cenotaph in the gallery of world football.
Ambassador Weah Was inducted into Football Hall of Fame on November 8, 2013 as the first African to be admitted alongside former Italy & Milan greats Franco Baresi & Paolo Maldini and host of international stars. Others inducted in the Hall of Fame were US international Mia Hamm as the first female inductee and ex El-Salvador international, Jorge Alberto Gonzalez as the first Central American Inductee. By reason of his induction, Ambassador Weah now joins the venerated class of football legends such as Brazil's Edson Arantes do Nascimento (globally known as King Pele), Argentine's Diego Maradona, & Mexico's Hugo Sanchez, who formed part of the Hall's venerated inaugural class. Nominees Are selected by an international honorary committee or esteem panel of jurors. By all accounts, Weah deserves the Hall of Fame glory based on his past outstanding performances that catapulted him as hero of the world's most popular sport. In 1995, Weah won the World, African and European Footballer of the year at one time; perhaps, no other footballer in the world will ever achieve such undisputed and monumental achievements.

We Recall When Liberians were killing one another in the most barbaric way, the horrible imagery on international television and wires, were having a repulsive reflection on the country and Liberian citizens abroad. Notwithstanding, Ambassador Weah and few other Liberians were busy printing the real picture of their country on the global scene.
He Was Predominantly the positive face of the country during the war years. We believe that the award is a manifestation of fortitude and inner tenacity for a young man to rise from the depth of poverty [in a country where the majority are privileged to have one trifling meal a day] to the height of one's dream which truly justifies Biblical fulfillment that GOD has a positive plan for all of us.
We Must Acknowledge that Ambassador Weah is not the only Liberian who brought proud and glory to the country. President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and activist Leymah Gbowee were joint recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize, an achievement that notable women before them [such as Angie Brooks-Randolph, Mary Antoinette Brown-Sherman and Mother Mary Brownell to name a few] did not achieve the world's foremost prize. But, the legacy of Brooks Randolph, Brown-Sherman and Ma Mary will always be remembered.
However, We Believe in the maxim which says Give a man his flowers while he's alive. Ambassador Weah came from the slum, an impoverish community, but the discipline, honesty and goodwill he attached to his career seem to have broken the jinx that good things don't come from the slum. We congratulate Ambassador Weah for his life-long achievement.
                                           Bravo Manneh!
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