Friday, September 20, 2013

Latest Gadget in Town...Gyroscopic Watch Winder

The Only Gyroscopic Watch Winder.

Unlike typical watch winders that merely spin in one direction, this is the only gyroscopic watch winder that rotates 360°, in all directions. Inspired by the aerotrims used by astronauts in training to prevent spatial disorientation in space, the watch winder rotates on three axes - similar to a human wrist - to wind an automatic watch that is wrapped around the center of the gyroscope. Made in Germany by Döttling,
renowned manufacturers of luxury safes and jewelry boxes since 1919, the watch winder is handcrafted over a four-week period by artisans who painstakingly assemble the hand-polished aluminum gyroscope, shape the dome from mouth-blown crystal, and hand-lacquer the wood base. The watch winder enables prominent display on a desktop or nightstand, it is propelled by an electric motor that provides whisper-quiet operation, and it has four LEDs that illuminate the rotation with crisp white light. The device pauses automatically to prevent overwinding. Plugs into AC. Special conditions and guarantee limitations apply. 13" Diam x 13" H. (17 lbs.)
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