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DJ switch’s switch over to millionaires league through Glo X Factor

DJ Switch
When the maiden edition of Globacom’s singing reality show started, Obianuju Catherine Udeh, popularly called DJ Switch was one of the contestants that no one gave a chance of survival but today she is not only the winner of X Factor but also a millionaire in a matter of weeks. 
When Globacom’s reality show, X Factor started, no one was in doubt that it will be a life changing experience considering the huge cash prize of 24 million naira among other incentives, this is the highest prize so far in the history of reality shows in Nigeria, the only thing no one could predict is whose life was going to have a turn around. Every contestant that went for auditions had great hope of clinching the prize despite the huge challenge and stiff competition
However, after all was said and done with weeks of hard work, entertainment and a roller coaster of emotions, Obianuju Catherine Udeh a.k.a DJ Switch walked home with the price. She came into the show as nobody and went out as a millionaire having won a whooping sum of $150, 000 (₦24 million), an SUV and a recording contract with SONY music.

29 years old switch is a rapper who adopted the stage name DJ Switch because of her belief in her ability to switch from one thing to another without stress.
The native of Udi in Enugu state grew up in Warri, studied Geology at the University of Port Harcourt but now lives in Abuja. She worked briefly with Halliburton before she became a professional DJ.
Switch, who is the last of eight children when she was commencing her X Factor journey, stated that she believes in God and knows that whatever will happen cannot be changed. “I have my trust in God. I believe everything happens the way it is meant to be and I am confident.”
She is however right as she quickly made the transition from poor, upcoming DJ to a sensational performer and millionaire in a switch that befits her name. However, the walk to the crown was not an easy feat as she had to put in a lot of efforts to stand out first at the audition and later when she was chosen to compete for the price
She took part in the Abuja auditions with other thousands of aspiring singers, half of whom had talents that immediately marked them as keen competition but when she finally made the last nine, the game changed and she knew she had to put in her all. This was because she is a rapper who found herself in the midst of powerful singers with strong vocal strength and talents
However, she didn’t give up or let this deter her as she quickly bridged the gap of what she couldn’t do with what she knew how to do well thus creating a niche as an entertainer and performer who will give and perform any stunt no matter how dangerous to get the audience to support her and increase her fan base
When she made the last three standing alongside Eshum from Ghana and Nigeria’s Vicky known as the Voice on Glo X Factor, the game changed once again as it became obvious that she had to do something different rather than compete with two people whose voice could bring down the angels. The show thus became a battle of Supremacy between a trio of beauties and powerful artistes since there could only be one winner
She consequently went all out at the last gala show before the grand
finale to prove that she has the X Factor quality. On that particular show, the three finalists - Eshun, Vicky and DJ Switch were expected to sing two songs each; the first round being the song they performed in the audition to get a chance in the game and a second one that they chose by themselves for the first time on the show.
Eshun was the first on stage to sing ‘Over the Rainbow,’ she shone like a million stars as she was energetic, sensational, sultry and entertaining at the same time, radiating an inner joy at what she was doing. Next in line was DJ Switch and she practically jumped on stage accompanied by two energetic dancers, she sang ‘Get Up’ and a sizable number of the audience were excited enough to consider the song title an actual action as they rose to their feet to cheer her on.
The jaw-dropping moment of her performance came when she flipped backwards into the hands of her dancers, and continued rapping even when she was visibly in an upside down position and even her mentor, MI couldn’t contain his excitement as he stood up and moved about on the judges’ podium with his hands on his mouth. Even the host, Toolz couldn’t hide her feelings as she said, “Absolute pandemonium, you never cease to amaze us.”
Vicky followed when she sang ‘You Raise Me Up’ and her performance was so emotional that some members of the audience were seen wiping tears off their eyes.
And at the end of the first set of performances, the judges acknowledged that the trio had come a long way in experience than when they auditioned for the show, adding that they were ripe to make a career out of music
For their second performance, the contestants performed a song they individually thought best expressed their identities as artistes. Eshun went first and she sang ‘I’m Not Leaving Till You Say You Love Me.’ And commenting on her performance, Reggie said, “I’ll like to thank you. Many on Twitter accused me of being too hard on you. Because you’re from my country, people expect some form of partiality, but I’m not going to do that. Your performance is the best I’ve seen from you, and I think you’re worthy of the crown.”
DJ Switch returned to the stage, hands bound in chains and dragged by a male dancer as she sang 2Face’s song, ‘Free.’ As part of her stunt, she was kicked off the stage by her dancer at a stage in her performance but she was caught by some other dancers who quickly rushed forward to carry her. She later came back and managed to boot off her attacker from the stage without missing her step or her breathe.
Onyeka was clearly impressed by her performance as made manifest in her comment, “The remaining three are unique; there is room for all of you in this industry. I don’t know who is going to win, but that person will take this continent by storm.”
In the same vein, Reggie said, “I thought I’ve seen it all, but I saw something new today. I’m always excited waiting for your performance. You rapped upside down; I mean who does that?” he finished off incredulously.
In his comment, M.I commended her courage and talent when he said, “You were kicked off the stage, believing that those guys would catch you. That was risky and it tells me you’re ready to put anything on the line, even your life, for your performance to go well and to blow the minds of the audience. If there’s any justice in the world, DJ Switch should win this competition.”
And for switch, the long walk to stardom and wealth ended in glory but not without a lesson to the audience. Each person is unique and has a passion that could be followed, forget what you can’t do and focus on your strength. Switch could not sing but she entered a singing reality show and rapped, performed and entertained, beating the best singers to win the coveted price.
And Globacom telecommunications and Sony music also fulfilled their promise to make a West African youth a music star and sensation as well as a millionaire as DJ Switch’s first single will be released next week, just a week after becoming the winner of the first Glo X Factor, the West African edition.           
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