Tuesday, July 30, 2013

10 Ways to Romance Your Husband...How to make love with your clothes on(winks).
1. Just before he gets home from work,put on his favorite "mood' music.

2.While together in the company of good friends,brag about his latest accomplishment.

 3. Catch his eyes in a crowd and wink at him....remember it was just a wink,kind of a cute little blink, but it began to make him think.

4. Display his trophies,certificates and awards where others can see them.

5. When he makes a mistake,win points by refraining from saying, "I told you so"

6. Get out your wedding pictures and look at them together

7. In celebration of a personal goal he's achieved,make him his favorite meal.

8.  Keep a "memories chest.'' Add items that represent special events in your life together.

9. Tell him he smells great

10. If he gets lost while driving,win megapoints by saying, "Hey,if 
we hadn't lost our way we would never have seen this part of the 
    It was meant to be 10, but i will give you an additional one(winks).

11. Put God first. 

      Many couples had tried this and most of it had worked out for them,you can also try it too....also share this information with people,don't be stingy        
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