Thursday, January 03, 2013

Five Web Applications That Get You Organized and Save Your Time

Applications that save your time
Offices around the world are flooded with PCs, and time spent “working” has been compromised. With the advent of e-mail, employees have been reaping the benefits of the World Wide Web. But social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. are sometimes distracting us from doing our jobs.I’m sure that you’ve said to yourself that you’ll just log in to Facebook for 10 minutes but before you know it, 3 hours have passed!
Many software developers are aware of this and began to create applications that let you leverage your time and not get lost in a sea of information on the internet.


This is one of those web applications that you cannot miss. It has everything one ever needs to organize his business or personal information . Evernote lets you save not only notes but also images and even record voice messages.
Best of all, it works with Windows, Mac and can be synchronized with most portable devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Pixi and Windows Mobile). This means that if you load information on your Mac or PC you will be able to pass it to your phone, laptop or notebook with a few simple clicks.
This service has free and paid options. The only difference is the amount of information that can be stored on Evernote's servers each month. This is because all the data that you have in your application will be kept online. It keeps your documents safe in case your computer is broken, and updates your mobile devices. This is a very useful application, because you’ll have access to your files anywhere as long as you have internet access.

Remember The Milk

Everyone has so many things they need to accomplish. Either it's sending your resume to different companies or buying shoes that will make you look like a professional for your next interview making a “to do” list will really help you organize your activities. Remember The Milk (RTM) will do the job for you.
This application only works through the web and allows you to make lists of your activities in a simple manner and in virtually any language (available in 20 languages). But its interesting features do not end with just list making, you can configure it to send you emails alerts through MSN or any email add that you configure.
Finally, being a service that works over the Internet; you will be able to access your task lists anywhere in the world.


This software runs other applications. It creates an index of all applications on the directory of your operating system (which can be both Windows and Mac OS X and Linux) and allows you access to all of them in a quick and simple way without having to search for the folder.
This software runs when you turn on the computer and is opened by pressing the key combination "alt + space bar" (although you can configure the hotkeys too). It creates a menu of the applications that you need and use all the time.
This way, it will not be necessary for you to explore all of your operating system to run an application. IT professionals will no longer have a difficult time searching for documents because it’ll be easy to access because of this handy application.

Read It Later

I’m sure you’ve probably worked on a document and surfed the internet at the same time.
Read It Later is an extension for all browsers (works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox), smart phones and portable devices (Android, BlackBerry WebOS, iPhone, iPod Touch, IPAD) which enable you to save links so you can read them later. You can access the sites even if you don’t have internet access.


Many times people who work online, especially those who have IT jobs, have to transfer files between clients or spend all day carrying a flash drive because it has to carry information from home to office. If this is your problem, Dropbox will save your life.
It is a service that lets you store all your information on the web. This means that if you are working on a report and do not want to carry it in your flash drive or forward it your email all you have to do is log into your account and upload the files.
The good news is that the application will let you install an application on your operating system (runs on Windows, Mac and Linux as well as Smartphone versions).The only thing you have to do is copy and paste it to your desktop and it’s ready to use.
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