Friday, January 11, 2013

A TOUCHING STORY Of A 15-Year-Old Mother That Was Raped By Armed Robbers!

A 15 year old mother was going with her 2 year old son to church and suddenly they passed a group of boys who started sending words to her: hey you bitch, you slut, a sex pervert.
Why didn't you wait to have sex ha ha ha you were thirsty of it, imagine at that age with this son? They said alot of words to her but she kept quiet, then one boy from background said: what are you going to do to church you prostitute? Maybe you want to sleep with the pastor.

Then the young lady turned to them gently and said in a calm voice:
who are you, to blame me for my sins?Are you sure you are clean in eyes God? Pray that what happened to me doesn't happen to any of your sisters or someone you love. After saying that tears started running her face. But the boys laughed and said more words to her. She continued and went to church.

As she passed, an Man came and found the boys talking and laughing at her, and said to them, do you know her? They said: No He said to them: this girl, when she was 12 and a half years, a group of men attacked their home. They killed her father and her Mum, they robbed all the things that they had in the house and as they were about to live, one of them saw her hiding in the corner and they all raped her.

So she doesn't know the owner of the Kid and she has no where to stay. The boys' hearts were filled with pity, and they regretted all they had said, they felt as if they should do all it takes to help her.

MORAL LESSON: Before you accuse someone, first understand the cause and why he/she did that thing. When your pointing one finger to someone, know that there are other three fingers pointing at us.

Let us not accuse each other but help each other .
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