Saturday, October 13, 2012

Who is the greatest? Their fans argued it out on facebook

About an hour ago this argument broke out on Facebook, about who is the legendary best,in Ronaldo and Messi.

I think we all now agree that undoubtedly, Messi is not only greater than Ronaldo, he constantly surprises us all. He was adjudged 2 not b a free-kick taker or know how to use his head well. Now, the 'one-legged' man as people say is now a masterful free-kick taker; just look at his free-kick against Uruguay and you'll understand what I'm saying. He was always condemned 4 not transiting that same inspirational form for Barça into the Albecielste but now he's shamed critics and what's more, Ronaldo's faltering with Portugal. We can only but applaud the diminutive, explosive, magical no.10. March on 'la pulga'. The sky,your starting;the galaxy, your limit. Forza Messi, Forza Albicieleste, Forza Barça. Graçias!

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  • Kehinde Giwa Ever since ronaldo was born,he could do all things.What i just want you to know is that there is noting messi will do that ronaldo cant do,he will even do beta.You said he is faltering with Portugal,how? He got to the quarter finals of the euro 2012,where his goals were very pivotal and they have also climbed up the ladder in the Fifa rankings.or is it because they lost yesterday?? Guy,just forget about it.
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