Tuesday, October 09, 2012

What a shame!!! Rita Dominic exposed flattened boobs.

At the next edition of soft sell magazine after such events, Rita will adore their front covers. Reason for this, her stunning dress would make the magazine colourful. 

At the Florence Ita Giwa's event held recently in Lagos, Rita surprised many when she exposed her already 'flattened' breast for all to see. She fed photo-journalist with her bo*bs which already looks like a 'grandma's'. 

Interestingly, Rita is single and not yet married, but her breasts are no more firm as expected. Is this the new style of fashion Rita wants to 'sell' to the world? Why would a 'role model' like Rita not wear a bra to an event and make the world know that? We want 'good' role models for our already 'corrupted' youth in the society.
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