Friday, October 12, 2012

Uniport killings....Culprits must not go unpunished

South East/South South Professionals of Nigeria, SESSP, have called for a probe of the recent killing of four students of the University of Port Harcourt by indigines of Aluu community in Rivers State, with a view to finding the culprits and punishing them appropriately.
It also called for an overhaul of Nigeria’s security agencies and the criminal justice system, in order to restore the confidence of Nigerians.
A statement by the group’s President Mr. Emeka Ugwu-Oju noted that the incident  should provide a push for the reformation of the justice system, so as to dissuade  Nigerians from taking laws into their hands.
His words: "While we call for a comprehensive probe of the incident with a view to finding the culprits and punishing them appropriately, we demand a deep and incisive overhaul of the country’s security agencies as well as the criminal justice system to restore confidence and faith in the system and disavow resort to self help.
"It is the opinion of the SESSPN that this case should provide a push to the relevant authorities to reform the country’s justice system, reform the law enforcement agencies and ensure that Nigerians are dissuaded from taking the law into their hands in any given situation.’’
He further said, "We agree with most Nigerians that the country’s criminal justice system is weak, ineffectual and grossly incompetent to tackle the rising challenges posed by criminality in Nigeria. It is our opinion that this has led to Nigerians taking the law into their hands in situations the state fails to provide them adequate security.
"We feel the gory case is traceable to the inadequacy of the security agencies and the failure of the justice system, which has led to massive loss of faith in their ability to deal with criminality and other breaches of the law.’’
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