Friday, October 19, 2012

The GateKeeper's Fortune.....The Storyline.

Eons ago an African King of great wealth and influence decided to build a dome around his kingdom’s treasures, in the center of the city. The walls of the dome were as tall as the clouds and a golden gate was mounted at the only entrance of the dome. After the dome was completed and stocked, the King handed the only key to the dome to his most trusted adviser, and ordained him the First Gatekeeper of the Kingdom’s fortune.

Many years later when it became imminent that the kingdom will soon be invaded by a more powerful king, who sought only to corner the dome’s treasures, the Gatekeeper quickly devised a new plan to safeguard the contents of the dome. He divided the treasures into four portions and had his trusted allies transfer them to the four corners of the earth.  Only he knew the exact location of all four portions and to ensure that each portion could be retrieved by the next gatekeeper or a worthy individual, a map was drawn for the location of each of the portion. The Gatekeeper then locked the four maps in a treasure chest and disappeared into the dark forest.

After years of war between the two kingdoms, the gatekeeper’s kingdom fell. The new king immediately sent out 12 of his finest warriors into the dark forest to find the Gatekeeper. Weeks later, only one of the 12 returned with just enough breath to narrate their ordeal. The Gatekeeper had set up a series of dangerous and tricky challenges in his trail, and all the other brave warriors were overwhelmed and destroyed by the first of the long series of challenges. The Gatekeeper’s chest of fortunes was impossible to reach.

After many failed attempts, the new King gave up on the search and the story of the Gatekeeper soon became nothing but folk tales. 

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