Friday, October 19, 2012

Ondo Gubernatorial Election takes place today!

Today, 1,654,206 registered voters in Ondo State would file out to decide the fate of 13 governorship candidates contesting on the tickets of various political parties. Out of this number, there are 7, 539 voters, made up of those who registered but could not vote last year because of some technical itches and those who transferred their voter’s card.
Statistics released by the Ondo State Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) indicate that female voters constitutes 50.20 per cent, while male voters constitutes 49.80 per cent.
The fate of the 13 governorship aspirants slogging it out today would largely be determined by voters below age 35. The young registered voters in Ondo constitute 65 per cent of those on the INEC register. Most of them are students while a sizeable number are civil servants, artisans and traders.  All political parties taking part in the election were last month presented with soft copies of the list of registered voters by INEC. The statistics are in many respects similar to that of Edo State governorship election.

There were accusations and counter-accusations of illegal registration of voters. Politicians were also said to engage in the acts of buying voter’s cards.  Some party stalwarts were allegedly caught with more than a thousand voters card but Ondo INEC said the cards belong to people that registered but were unable to collect the cards. The police waded in and those involved in the malpractice, including members of staff of the INEC were arrested and charged to court.

Nobody trusts anybody. Political parties and their leaders are convinced that the other party has concluded plans on how to rig the election. The media, both electronic and print are daily inundated with stories of plans to rig by other parties. Last week, the National Broadcasting Corporation warned two electronic media houses based in Ondo to adjust and follow the rules.
The NBC expressed concern that operators of ADABA FM radio in Akure and Ondo State Radiovision Corporation are not abiding by the rules. Director-General of NBC, Mr. Yomi Bolarinwa, was quoted as saying that the two stations have breached the provision of NBC Act and the Nigerian Broadcasting code.
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