Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to dance the azonto....Come and learn(winks)

Learning the Azonto is fairly easy. An expressive freestyle dance, it has no set instructions. There are, however, some basic moves any beginner will need to get started:
Tempo: Azonto can accompany any beat, but most would agree that it looks best when danced up-tempo. Beginners should start with the 2-step and move upwards from there.
Feet: Place your right leg slightly in front of your left, and twist on the whole leg on the ball of the right foot.
Hands: Point your index fingers and cross your right wrist over the left in front of you. With each twist of the leg, move the right arm forwards and backwards.
Cracking: A key component of Azonto is ‘cracking’ (also known as ‘popping’), which usually involves a break from the 2-step. At a twist of the leg, raise your right arm up with fist clenched and pop your hip.
Other Freestyle Moves: If you’re feeling confident, mix it up with some freestyle. Start with 2-step boxing moves, lean your body to the left, or imitate chores like driving.
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