Thursday, October 04, 2012

Happy birthday to Thomas Rosicky

My pal has done the research, and since his last birthday, Rosicky has made just 17 appearances in an Arsenal shirt.  Apparently during that run we suffered just two defeats (one away to Middlesbrough, and another in Seville when Rosicky appeared as a substitute in a weakened team that was already behind).  In the same spell, we faced Chelsea, Man U, Spurs and Liverpool, and took an impressive eight points from twelve.  I’m sure Rosicky’s nearest and dearest were torn between whether or not to send a ‘Happy Birthday’ card or yet another ‘Get Well Soon’ message.  Well, we at Gunnerblog say:

Happy Birthday!
Get Well Soon!

Get Happy/Well Soon – Birthday!

That is rubbish.  Sorry Tomas.

Hopefully the boys honour Rosicky with a worthy performance and three points against Sunderland today.  I am not particularly confident about the game, but last time we lost to them was so long ago that the man who is now their chairman, Niall Quinn, got the winner.

The win against Porto had an air of inevitability.  They have a terrible record in England and our players were super-motivated after the Hull result.  But today is the real test of the degree to which we have ‘bounced back’.  A win before the International break would be lovely.

This one’s for Super Tom.
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