Friday, October 05, 2012

From grass to grace,The Afolayan Family.

Aremu Afolayan
Gabriel Afolayan

Kunle Afolayan

Bukky Afolayan

The Afolayan's family are well renowned especially for their success in the entertainment industry. Kunle Afolayan the eldest is happily married with kids,The film making actor has also won so many meritorious awards. His siblings are also blazing the trail,Grabriel and Aremu afolayan are also into the movie business especially Grabriel who is a multi-talented individual.....hmmmm and the last but not the least Bouqui...It seems Bouqui is unique she is the only girl in the family and the only person doing music. Rap artiste Bouqui is a pace-setter in the music industry...The Afolayan family are doing so well especially when you look back into the past,these people were from a very poor background but despite the challenges they all scaled through,they didnt allow thier past to deter them from thier ambitions.
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