Sunday, October 14, 2012

Even Pastors and Church Founders will go to hell says Bishop David Oyedepo

Today service was captioned "Unveiling the mystery of Godliness", it was a silent service as the whole congregation seemed to be drowned in their own thoughts. Bishop Oyedepo believes that in the race of the Christians,we should fight the good fight of faith, and that currency is the rule of the game, because when one backslides one is out of the race. Bishop Oyedepo believes that many Christians are asleep,and a sleepy state is a deadly state.
   He added a short story that silenced the congregation and he said "No one wins a race wishing,we win a race working.A sleeping state is a deadly state,a sleeping state is an helpless state.You can be active in church and be spiritually sleepy,don't mistake spirituality for activity.You need to flee away from sin or you are bound to fall,its us also important for us to be selective in the company we keep or we are dead"
  He also added, Heaven is real,so is hell,God showed me a vision of hell while i was sitting down to relax,it was so terrible that even though i was outside the vision i began to sweat.Even pastors and founders of church will be in hell so you better live a Godly life at all times"
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