Thursday, October 11, 2012

Does physical appearance really matter with love?

Love is a feeling or affection you have towards the opposite sex,but how does this feelings generate? We will be unrealistic if we say people don't look at the outward appearance before they fall in love.
       I have heard this statement a quite number of times when people say that it was love at first sight,that kind of love is fully based to the physical appearance of the opposite sex.Many times mum do tell me Kenny bring a cute lady home,many people have turned this into a competition,they want to go out with the finest dude or lemme say cutest chick in town not even doing a research on their background or their character,no wonder many marriages do break up.
     Have you ever wondered why there are so much break ups in Europe? That is due to the fact that a woman meets a charming man,after 3weeks of constant sex and fun they say their are in love, few weeks later they break up.Although physical appearance should be considered but love should not be limited to sight.
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