Monday, October 15, 2012

Aluu boys on a date...eheheh lwkmd

Girl; Hello who is on the line?

Boy; My name is Aluka,i got your number from a friend.

Girl; Really? So what do you want?

Boy; Please am looking for a serious date

Girl; Am really single too,so what do you do?

Boy; I work with NNPC in Port Harcourt,i am well paid but the problem is that am looking for someone to spend this money on.I will change your life if only you will accept my proposal

Girl; Wow that's romantic!I am from Delta state,where are you from?

Boy; I am from ALUU

Girl; Sorry who do you say you wanted to speak with?

Boy; Haba! is this not Jane? 

Girl; Sorry Mr Aluka,this is Amina from Kano.Blood of Jesus wrong number......

                                                                        Written by Chuksthedon
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