Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Man pours hot water on girl's vagina

Although this happened around march earlier this year,we want our fellow viewers to see this....
Mr. Solarin Muyiwa, poured hot water on the private part of his 14 year old daughter, because the young girl allegedly licked soup from the pot. He came home, his wife (the girls step mum) told him she caught the teenage girl licking soup from the pot and he reacted by beating her with a wooden stick, forcing her to put her hands in hot water and pouring some of it on her private part, damaging part of her vagina in the process. The incident happened about two weeks ago, in Ikorodu, Lagos.
A neighbour noticed what had happened to the girl and called the authorities. The father was arrested and the young girl was taken to the hospital, where she's currently undergoing treatment.
This is capital punishment and very wicked! 
                                               culled from On Point Naija Blog
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