Saturday, February 06, 2016

Nigerian student honoured as youngest Ph.D graduate in South Africa

Romola Adeola

26-year-old Romola Adeola has emerged the youngest doctoral graduate at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

The Lagos State University alumnus was honored by Center for Human Rights in the country.
On its website, the institution writes, “At just 26 years of age, Romola has set a record in being the youngest person to obtain a Doctor of Laws degree (LLD) in the 30-year history of the Centre for Human Rights.
Furthermore, she is only the second youngest person to achieve this in the Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria since its establishment 107 years ago. She distinguished herself by completing the LLD in under 3 years.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Oya Turn Up!!!....

The Department of Sociology is in the news again, and for good reasons of course. The department's social director Lailat Yunusah is inviting all students of the campus to the department's Entertainment evening happening tomorrow Friday, 5th of February, 2016.

Venue is the school's ETF A building
Time is 5.00pm prompt
Gate Fee is just #300

Events include Comedy, Music live performance, Dance live performance and lots more.

Join Mc Hilarious and Judmicy at the event tomorrow, Don't Dull!

Call this a party because it promises to be electrifying.

Oya turn up!!!!

FASSA's Students/Lecturers Colloquium; How It Went Down

Mr Damola; the Anchor

The first FASSA Students/Lecturers colloquium of the new session was held on Tuesday February 2nd 2016 at the Faculty of Social Sciences lobby.

After the introduction of dignitaries which included lecturers from all four departments in the faculty and the acting Dean of the faculty, Dr. Omitola, the opening prayer was done by Dr. Lawal, the H.O.D. of Sociology Department.

The acting Dean started with a welcome address reiterating the position of Osun State University as a University to reckon with in Nigeria. He announced the school as the second best state university in the country and the 28th best when all other universities are included.

students paying rapt attention

After the welcome address, the Chief Security Officer of the Campus then encouraged students to be security conscious and to learn to give information on any case of criminality around campus so adequate punishment can be meted out to prospective deviants.
He went on to advice students to adhere to school rules and regulations and also not to form the habit of staying out late.

After the admonition of the CSO, the Faculty Officer read out the school's code of conduct for all student after which the question and answer session began.
The Faculty Officer reads out the code of conduct

Most of the questions were centered around students having problems with course registration and missing scripts.

A student asked about the state of the school hostel in which the acting Dean answered that work is on-going for the hostel to be back functioning under the management of the school.
The issue of the school's WIFI came up as well and again the Dean promised that students will soon have access to it.

Dr. Yakubu addressing a question from a student

Dr Lawal, H.O.D of Sociology cracked the students up with the reply he gave to the students asking for Departmental uniform for Sociology, he said in summary that such students transfer can be helped facilitated by the lecturers and the acting dean to other departments that have such uniform rules. Haha.

Dr. Ogunleye of Economics department answered a question regarding exams grade by reiterating that F is the only grade that requires a student to resit for an exam. He admonished students to be studious and start preparing for exams which starts in 3 weeks.

The colloquium ended with a closing prayer by Dr. Yakubu of Geography Department.

the closing prayer

students at the colloquium

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The Department of Sociology Are Freshers Cup Champions

 It was celebration galore yesterday at the school field when the referee blew the final whistle that ended the final match of the freshers cup competition between Sociology and Political Science.

The Department of Sociology defeated all opponents and came out 1-0 winners over Political Science in the final match. The players were presented with the champions cup by the acting Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The celebration continued today as the gallant players who represented the department presented the cup to the Head of Department of Sociology, Dr Lawal and other lecturers of the Department.

the H.O.D. Dr. Lawal (middle) with Dr. Kareem (left) and Dr. John Agbonifo (right) holding the cup

all smiles..LOL

the victorious players

Congratulations to the boys and to the Department of Sociology for yet another silverware.


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Mrs Alakija appointed Chancellor of Osun State University.

The Governor of the State of Osun, Rauf Aregbesola, appointed the third richest woman of African descent in the world, Mrs Folorunso Alakija, as Chancellor of the Osun State University, Osogbo on Monday January 25th 2016.

The appointment which takes immediate effect will be for a period of five years.‎

The Governor, Mr. Aregbesola, while congratulating the new Chancellor, said Mrs. Alakija’s antecedent and sterling qualities as a God-fearing woman, a person of honour, integrity and successful business woman would no doubt impact positively on the running of Osun State University.

In her acceptance address to the governor, Mrs Alakija said, “It is with pleasure that I receive and accept the appointment as the chancellor of the University of Osun State. I pray for God’s grace and strength to execute my duties as Chancellor of the University during my five-year tenure.”

Congratulations to Mrs Alakija.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Videos From The UNIOSUN Fashion Show Runway

You can now watch videos from the UNIOSUN Fashion Show Runway here:


You're Too Smart To Get Killed By A Rat

 In the wake of the outbreak of Lassa Fever in the country, there have been many reported cases of deaths across the country including Osun State. Truth is some of us still don't exactly know enough about the virus not to talk of how to prevent or deal with it.

In the course of this post I will try to enlighten us more on the virus, the symptoms and how to prevent it.

Lassa fever or Lassa hemorrhagic fever (LHF) is an acute viral hemorrhagic fever caused by the Lassa virus and first described in 1969 in the town of Lassa, in Borno State, Nigeria. Similar to the Ebola virus, clinical cases of the disease had been known for over a decade but had not been connected with a viral pathogen.

 Lassa fever is endemic in parts of West Africa including the following areas:
  • Liberia
  • Guinea
  • Nigeria
  • Sierra Leone 


The symptoms range from fever, general weakness to malaise (a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or uneasiness whose exact cause is difficult to identify). After a few days, headache, sore throat, muscle pain, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, cough, and abdominal pain may follow.

In severe cases facial swelling, bleeding from the mouth, nose, vagina and low blood pressure may develop. Shock, seizures, tremor, disorientation, and coma may be seen in the later stages.

Deafness occurs in 25% of patients who survive the disease. In half of these cases, hearing returns partially after 1-3 months. Transient hair loss and gait disturbance may occur during recovery.
Death usually occurs within 14 days of onset in fatal cases.


Humans usually become infected with Lassa virus from exposure to urine or faeces of infected Mastomys rats. Lassa virus may also be spread between humans through direct contact with the blood, urine, faeces, or other bodily secretions of a person infected with Lassa fever.


Person-to-person transmission occurs where the virus may be spread by contaminated medical equipment, such as re-used needles. Sexual transmission of Lassa virus has also been reported. 

Lassa fever occurs in all age groups and both sexes. Persons at greatest risk are those living in rural areas where Mastomys are usually found, especially in communities with poor sanitation or crowded living conditions.


Effective measures include storing grain and other foodstuffs in rodent-proof containers, disposing of garbage far from the home, maintaining clean households and keeping cats.

As  students, it is advisable that we keep our food stuffs away from these rodents, keep them in containers where they can't penetrate, keep good hygiene, clean your environments and do what you can to reduce the rats around you as we know we cant completely keep them away.

Don't take things for granted, you still have a long life to live, you're too smart to get killed by a rat don't you think? 

Monday, January 25, 2016

FASSA To Have A Joint Final Year Dinner

The Faculty of Social Sciences is planning something big! When I say something big I mean something really BIG!

Every year, final year students bow out with departmental dinners to celebrate the end of their four-year program, but this time, the faculty is planning on bringing all departments including Political Science, Economics, Sociology and Geography together for a single block-busting dinner night and after party. YEEEYYYY!


Already, there are preparations on-going to make sure the night will last in the memory of every final year student in the faculty. The dinner night is going to be strictly for final year students in the faculty of social sciences alone.

For sure, merit awards will be given out to students in various categories, there are plans for an after-party after the dinner proper. It's going to be the first of it's kind.

Bleech Reports as a media partner of the event is calling on all students in the faculty of social sciences to give their full support so as to make the night one to remember.

WATCH OUT fellas!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016


The much anticipated UNIOSUN Fashion Show has come and gone but the question is, Did it live up to expectations? Well, the answer to that depends on what you were expecting from the show.

Apart from the fact that the event didn’t start at the speculated time-I mean, nobody was expecting it to-other things went well. Bleech reports was ready and live on the red carpet which started around 10:00 pm and went on for almost 2 hours before the show started proper. 

Some pictures from the red carpet:

Ife on the red carpet
they won the Best Clique award

Tayo with K.O.D. on the red carpet

MC Maximum and MC Chichi were the anchors of the night and trust me, they didn’t disappoint one bit especially Mc Maximum who was lively all night with some really interesting and creative jokes, one can say he’s truly a professional at being an MC. This is where I give my first kudos to the organizers of the show; they did a very vital thing by entrusting the show in the hands of a competent MC, something very rare in Okuku events. You know that’s true.

There were a lot of performances on the night from various artistes, and one which is worthy of mentioning is K.O.D. who totally killed the show with his well thought-out rhythmic rap lyrics; someone who sat with me compared his style to Kendrick Lamar. Haha

The runway which displayed various creative styles of fashion was the height of the night for me. Once again, kudos to the organizers of the event for bringing such to the school, from the various styles to the runway models who modeled them, it was a pretty scene to see. It was evident that a lot of preparation was put in place to make it happen. Videos from the runway will be available for download tomorrow.

The award presentation went well and one award category which caused a bit of controversy was the BLOGGER of The Year award which was given to Adejuwon Olaide of STREET77.COM, students of Ejigbo campus had a representative in the category and they felt they were cheated when the winner was announced and despite the explanation that AMA gave on how the winner emerged, the students of Ejigbo campus all filed out angrily after the award was presented to STREET77. 

Damilola Quadri from Ifetedo Campus won Face Of Uniosun. The award presentation was capped up with an award given to AMA VISION GROUP which I think they deserve, they are setting a precedent in the school, and trust me others will see this, love it and copy it.
Damilola Quadri (Face of Uniosun)
...Damilola with friends from Ifetedo campus

 On the menu front, the show didn’t disappoint too, there was food and snacks, drinks were on all tables. A regular ticket was #1000 don’t forget.

All in all, from the writers point of view, the show was a success, the mere fact that something of such nature is being done in Uniosun for the first time is something to be happy about. One final kudos to the organizers and we hope more of it will happen in the nearest future. 

Don't forget, videos from the runway will be available for download tomorrow.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Its about to go down. On the 22nd of January 2016, attention will turn to the much anticipated UNIOSUN Fashion Show happening here in Okuku.

The Fashion show will include:

Date is January 22. 2016. Red Carpet starts from 6:00pm. Venue is the CrownFit Hotel,Okuku,Osun-state.

Ticket information is as follows
Tickets: #Regular: Event Jersey or 1k
                #Vip: Event Jersey + 5k
                #VVip: Event Jersey +10k

For more inquiries and Tickets Reservation, call; 08026240559,07033434434,08053704273


 This event is sponsored by:
Hush Clothing Company, Prodigy Ent, FreshMindMagz(, Crown Fit Hotel, Captain Cook, International Brewery, Simple Draw, Kiddah Graphics,


Powerd by Amavision Group!

Please note that Maximum Security is Guaranteed!!  

Friday, January 15, 2016

Checkout 5 Types of 'zones' UNIOSUN Girls Put Guys Into.

            In this life when it comes to relationship, it is either you are the girl’s boyfriend or not, it is either she is interested in you or not. In the process of trying to impress or getting a girl’s attention to yourself, a lot of guys have ended up in different "zones" entirely different from what they hoped for. 

 The purpose of this article is to help guys identify the various "zones" that girls put guys and if you’re a victim you can get yourself out ASAP!!!. The “zones” are as follows;

1.       FRIEND ZONE: According to Wikipedia, the Friend zone refers to a "Platonic relationship" wherein one person wishes to enter into a romantic or sexual relationship, while the other person does not. The dreaded friend zone is one of every guy’s worst nightmare. If you have struggled getting even one lady to become intimate with you then you KNOW what the friend zone feels like. If you have been a victim of this dreaded zone, you will know what it feels to have a false thought that the babe dey feel your parole, usually associated with long days of suffering and watching your love not returned. There is nothing worse than putting yourself out there for one girl and she then tells you "I love you too, but I don't want to ruin a great relationship by dating you, you are my bestie", why the fuck did I waste two months on you!!!! Bros am sorry you are the Chairman of the Friend Zone Association of Nigeria. Once a girl decides you are her friend there’s nothing changing that, Game don finish be that!!!. On to the next one.

  2.     BROTHER ZONE: This is another type of the dreaded zone, this occurs when you confess your feelings to the girl you like, and she turns you down by saying "you are like an Older or Younger brother figure to me", Chai!!! am sorry man but you are soooo done. Ok, just imagine this, have you ever thought of having sex or dating your sister?? hell no right?? that's because you don’t find her sexually attractive, it is also the same case here, she will NEVER find you sexually attractive, so she no fit date you!, the best you will get is a peck on your cheek. Sad right??. A girl once told me she was going to see her brother, and I asked her if she has a brother around here, and she said " he is my Brother Zoned brother" Chai! Guys don suffer o.

    3.      BLOOD ZONE: This is a entirely Different type of zone, if you know what Blood means in Yoruba language, it means "eje", she’s got absolutely no feeling for you because you are like Blood to her i.e you come from the same Blood line and you are like family to her, shey u fit date your Cousin ni?? so Bros she no go ever date you.

                        Guy: "Babe I am so in love with you, I have always wanted to tell you".
                       Girl: "’re so sweet but am so sorry, I can’t be in a relationship with you because you are like Blood to me, you are the only Family I have here, I’m so sorry". 

   4.      TEACHER ZONE: Apparently this is new type of zone that I have discovered, some guys make the mistake of getting a girl to like them by advising them about life, relationships, religion, academics. You don become shrink, na you be the adviser, when you are dying in silence because of the love and feelings you have for this girl. So when people like this asks their supposed babe out you will hear response like " you have been always been there for me and you give the best advice, you are like a Teacher to me". Omo If na me them give this response, I’ll call my pastor and tell him that i have spiritual problem, haba Teacher?? Seriously any girl that gives this response is a Serial Killer in the making, so please beware of these girls because they will shatter you heart(if you’ve got one though) into shreds. 

   5.      SCHOOL FATHER ZONE: This is another nightmare zone, this type of zone involves asking a girl who is younger or is in a lower level, you have been close to this girl for about a one or two, even buy her stuffs and take her to IMMACULATE to chop pepper soup, and you eventually asks her out and her response is like “I can’t date you, but I like you, you are like a father figure to me, in fact you are my school father” hahahahaha, 

            In conclusion, not that the girls are the only ones to blame for these zones but guys are also to be blamed, i mean, Bros you too nice!!!!!, you can't always be nice to girls, because you want to impress a girl you take her to Captain Cook and Immaculate, u sef don chop for their before, we suppose dey knock some guys head sef, you can't always give them what they want, am sure girls don’t even like it, it kills their attraction for you. 

           As a guy do not ever let anybody take you for granted, you are too handsome, intelligent, funny to be Zoned by one girl, there are girls out there that would kill to have you, and lastly, to the ladies, why let a guy think he has a chance with you when you don’t even have any feelings for him, you don’t have to string him along, just tell him politely.

Written By; Kunmilade Sanda (BLEECH CREW)